Monday, February 23, 2009


Bribery, it has to be one of the most used tools of parenting. Everyone uses it. Especially if you are out in public. Or even if you are home alone and to tired from staying up late to watch online shows. For example,child one and I were having a mid afternoon snack today. Well, I was having a snack. He was actually finishing what hadn't been eaten by the dog of his lunch. There was no one else around, but I found myself saying, "If you eat one more bite of your sandwich, I'll give you and M&M." Normally that doesn't happen. Usually I stand firm. But maybe I was a little to worn down from the weekend, or perhaps I was so done with the whining that I was trying to stop that from starting up again. Who knows? But it wasn't the first time I have bribed my child to do something and it probably won't be the last. By the way, I prefer the term reward, not bribery.

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