Monday, February 23, 2009

So I'm not one of those annoying people who updates my status on Facebook...

A couple of weeks ago, our pastor did a sermon about being secondary to Christ's kingdom. It was great. As part of that he referenced the popular networking site, Facebook. He even posted on his wall during the sermon. So fun. Anyways.. He also mentioned how some people are annoyingly using the status bar feature in Facebook. So, in an effort not to inundate people with my updates, I have returned to my long forgotten blog. Here are a few of the highlights and things that I am grateful for.

1. We bought a house. Probably the biggest change in our life. We were amazingly blessed with a foreclosure property. The Lord worked everything out. It was great. And now we have space and a lower heating bill.

2. I am grateful for Legos. They keep my kids occupied and they are endless in their possibilities.

3. I am now the publicity coordinator for MOPS. It's been exciting and allows me another avenue to write and gain experience in marketing.

4. I am one of the co-leaders for our ladies Bible Study at church. It's so enriching to learn about God and see how He is impacting other people's lives.

5. I also am leading worship for a small amount of time before Bible Study starts.

6.I am so grateful for the friends God is bringing into my life. Like the MOPS Steering team, the ladies I work with in Bible Study and the choir I sing with for our church.

7. I am also very excited to see what God has in store for us over the next few months.

Blessings to you and let me know how you are!

Chicken on a Stick

The other night, husband and I were watching television. We had had Chinese for dinner and the left overs were calling his name. So, he ambled out to the fridge and tried to find the take out container, not knowing I had already put it in a sealed container so it would stay fresh. I was called out to help in the quest of finding the lost chicken on a stick. Upon finding the appropriate container, I gave it to my husband and he peered thoughtfully into its depths. "Where are the sticks?" My husband asked. I replied, "I threw them out because they didn't fit in the container. " My husband sighed heavily and said, "Well, it's not chicken on a stick anymore." I said, "Why not?" To which he so eloquently responded "Because it can't be called Chicken on a stick if there are no sticks." I guess not.


Bribery, it has to be one of the most used tools of parenting. Everyone uses it. Especially if you are out in public. Or even if you are home alone and to tired from staying up late to watch online shows. For example,child one and I were having a mid afternoon snack today. Well, I was having a snack. He was actually finishing what hadn't been eaten by the dog of his lunch. There was no one else around, but I found myself saying, "If you eat one more bite of your sandwich, I'll give you and M&M." Normally that doesn't happen. Usually I stand firm. But maybe I was a little to worn down from the weekend, or perhaps I was so done with the whining that I was trying to stop that from starting up again. Who knows? But it wasn't the first time I have bribed my child to do something and it probably won't be the last. By the way, I prefer the term reward, not bribery.