Monday, February 23, 2009

Chicken on a Stick

The other night, husband and I were watching television. We had had Chinese for dinner and the left overs were calling his name. So, he ambled out to the fridge and tried to find the take out container, not knowing I had already put it in a sealed container so it would stay fresh. I was called out to help in the quest of finding the lost chicken on a stick. Upon finding the appropriate container, I gave it to my husband and he peered thoughtfully into its depths. "Where are the sticks?" My husband asked. I replied, "I threw them out because they didn't fit in the container. " My husband sighed heavily and said, "Well, it's not chicken on a stick anymore." I said, "Why not?" To which he so eloquently responded "Because it can't be called Chicken on a stick if there are no sticks." I guess not.

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