Monday, September 14, 2009

Half-way Hostess

I have a secret. Now don't get all excited, it's not the plot of the next Stephanie Meyer's novel, or the preview of Beyonce's next cd. It's the fact that I am a half-way hostess.

I have already admitted to you that I hate to clean. That there are probably a hundred other things that I can think of to do besides clean. But, I do it because I also hate filth. And I like to have people over. And it drives my husband nuts when it's not done.

My idea of entertaining is to throw paper plates on our table and serve dinner out of the dishes it's cooked in. It's not to make a thematic center piece and have matching silver and glasses.

You will probably find three or four things in each room that don't belong there that need to be put away, and not just toys(although, that might be some of it). Things like a pair of earrings on top of the television. Or a demolished ice cream sandwich wrapper under the computer desk. Maybe a computer game or stray Lego piece on the banister upstairs.

You will always find a warm smile and laughter. A place that you and your kids could come on over to and relax. I think those things go along way in making a successful party.

So come on over any time. And if you give me enough notice, I might even vacuum for you. But don't expect me to mop.

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