Thursday, March 26, 2009

Delighting in Anonymity

This past week, I took my car in for an oil change. I took it to a rather well known retail store that also has an automotive department. As I was going in, another member of the mommy league was leaving. She also had two or maybe three little boys. And she had brown hair. When I came up to the counter, after I threatened my two darlings into submission, the attendant asked me what else I needed. As in, weren’t you just here? But then he realized that I was in fact someone else. A tiny, ok large, part of my pride wanted to point out the various differences between myself and the previous customer but I kept my ego in check and politely smiled instead.

As we went on with the transactions, I was thinking about why I was offended with being mistaken for someone else. It was a legitimate mistake. We both had two kids, the same hair color and probably were using a lot of the same words. Like don’t touch that, get off the shelf. Please stand here quietly or else. You understand, the usual phrases that accompany a trip to a store without proper constraints for children. I digress. So I was thinking about the mistaken identity. Why did that bother me?

I think it was because every part of my self, that is my sinful nature, wants so badly to be noticed for me. To be recognized for my importance in this world. I mean really, is that hard for everyone to see how magnificent I am? Obviously the store clerk didn't see it. And he wasn't the first to miss it. But I’d like to go back to the part where I politely smiled. I think the Lord restrained my tongue. Because as I walked away I thought, “It’s ok that he mistook me for that other woman. I’m not here to be noticed, I am here so others will notice Christ in me.”

And maybe it’s not my turn to stand out. Maybe it will never be my turn. But that’s ok too. I think a large part of my role right now is to make it easier for other people in my family to shine. To be the helpmate my husband needs so that he can be his own boss some day. To steer my children towards Jesus so they can be an example of a godly life from a young age. I want to be the cheerleader for my kids and husband.

I’m not saying that I need to be a wallflower and put all my needs and desires in the garbage. But I am saying that sometimes I need to put aside my dreams for those of others. And trust that one day, God will fulfill the dreams He has laid out for me.

I hope this encourages you! Let me know if it does. 


Gene and Annie said...

Oh Katie, I love this post! It speaks to me in so many ways! I have been thinking about that same type of subject alot lately, especially about the part to be noticed or recognized. Like you said... We really just need Christ in us to be seen.... I need to keep praying about that one!

Also, I do believe that God will honor those dreams that He put on your heart and mine....whatever they may be! I do have so many different types of dreams and passions that I do wonder how it will all fit together but I am trusting that God has the plan all worked out and I just need to trust His timing! Thanks Katie for the encouragement today!

3BoyMommy said...

I really think this particular issue speaks directly to the SAHM's heart (at least it did for me). It's so easy to feel like we've faded into the background, serving our families in the daily tedious tasks. Satan wants us to ask - what real contribution are we providing? We would get so much more in the way of accolades or sense of accomplishment if we had a "real" job (i.e. outside of the home). But it is a lie - a mother's job is a true calling and God blesses us when we see the big picture and set our needs aside for a time.