Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's been about 5 months, so it would be time to start blogging again. This past year of 2010 had some really big things happen.

The husband and I took a money management class. It was great. And we are implementing some of the stuff we learned. It's all about baby steps. And for me, that means sticking to my grocery budget. It's easy to make excuses about what we "need" when I grocery shop. I am not big into clipping coupons or price matching, right now it's enough just to have my cash in hand and stick to my list. I also started meal planning again, which has helped stream line things.

I took a part time job. And it has been really cool to see how God has used that in our lives. It's allowed the husband to devote some time to building his own miniatures line. And I get out of the house. Talk with adults. I have also had some pretty cool encounters with customers. And it's opened my eyes to the world outside of me.

The oldest started kindergarten. That has been wonderful. It was difficult at first, but now, I wouldn't go back. We now enjoy reading together and the investment his kindergarten teacher is making in him is being expressed through a sense of confidence and a kinder attitude.

The middle son still hangs out at home with me. We fill our days with MOPS, Bible Study and Mini Moos. Taking M and F off so I can catch up on the house work. He will be starting kindergarten next year. And is so ready. Thankfully- and are helping him learn letters and numbers. As well as observation of his older brother

That's right, we will be having our third child sometime this summer. Most of you already knew that since the 9 followers I have are also facebook friends of mine. :) It was a bit of a surprise to discover we were expecting. The goals I had for next year were very different than having an infant/toddler/child home for the next 5-6 years. Now, we are getting more excited. A good friend told me that each child is born into a new family. And I absolutely agree with that statement. Each child is born at different times in our lives. The lessons that have been learned with the first two will help in raising the third. I also need to bear in mind that this child will be different from his/her brothers. It will be an adventure, that's for sure. Bonus: I get to be in MOPS for the next several years.
I guess this turned into my Christmas letter I didn't get sent out this year. Nothing no one wouldn't have known. Just a jump start back into blogging.

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